Housing Credit Guarantee Scheme (HCGS)

  • Purpose of Financing
    Mortgage Financing

  • Financing Limit
    Up to RM500,000.00 (including principal financing amount, MRTT*/MRTA*, LTHO*, solicitor’s fee and valuation fee)

  • Facility Type
    Term Loan/ Term Financing-i

  • Financing Tenure
    Up to 35 years or up to the tenure of the loan financing, whichever is earlier (two generation financing allowed)

  • Guarantee Coverage
    *More than 100% guarantee coverage on financing amount obtained from participating Financial Institutions (Including principal financing amount, **MRTA/ MRTT, LTHO, solicitor’s fee and valuation fee)

  • Interest/ Profit Rate
    As determined by the participating FI

    *Subject to financing not exceeding RM500,000

    **MRTA: Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance
    **MRTT: Mortgage Reducing Term Takaful
    **LTHO: Long Term House owner’s Takaful